Corporate Training Portfolio:

At Prestige Language School we currently offer the following:

Short Term Intensive Courses:

  • Lessons held two times per week, each session 1.5h long.
  • Course length 20wks;
  • Minimum 10 students per class;
  • Cost per student: £529 plus £30 registration fee

This course is proven to be very effective for absolute beginners. Students, who have no or very basic knowledge of the English language, will be able to communicate effectively in English, once they have completed the Intensive Course.

Yearly Courses - General English or Cambridge University Exam Preparation:

  • Lessons held once a week, each session 2h long,
  • Course length 40wks;
  • Minimum 8 students per class;
  • Cost per student: £469 plus £30 registration fee

We have two different curriculums for our Yearly courses:

General English

During the General English course students gain an understanding of how English works and how it should be used in a day-to-day life. Lessons are focused on improving their pronunciation, listening and speaking skills, as well as progressing their reading and writing
abilities. This course is aimed at individuals who already have a basic understanding of English and wish to become more fluent and confident in using the language.

Cambridge University Exam preparation

This course is aimed at upper-intermediate and advanced students, who would like to gain a worldwide-recognised qualification accredited by the Cambridge English Language Assessment. The course is focuses on the same elements as above: speaking, listening, reading, writing, use of English, with the addition of exam preparation. At the end of the course students will be prepared to pass one of the Cambridge exams: PET, FCE, CAE. The additional advantage is that the certificates from all three exams can be used in the process of naturalisation. Please bear in mind though that the cost of the exam is not included in the price of the course. The exam costs vary from £70 to £130.

All of the above courses are led by our fantastic teachers, who are very successful at motivating the students and therefore achieve great results in a short space of time. We use only the best quality course materials, our lessons are fun and engaging. Regular tests and exercises integrated throughout the learning material assess their proficiency throughout their studies and help to keep them focused. Our courses are flexible, highly tailored to your needs and, most importantly, with a personal touch.

Please contact Prestige Language School should you require further information.


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